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An open invitation to Africa’s rural youth

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MINADER), the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries of Cameroon (MINEPIA), the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the UN System, and the Procasur Corporation extend an invitation to participate in the Young Agropastoral Entrepreneurs Summit 2019, in Yaoundé and Obala, Cameroon from February 28 to March 03, 2019.

The organizers call upon young entrepreneurs, government officials, practitioners, private companies, civil society, academia and the aid organizations to join the Summit 2019! The 4- days Summit will bring together champions from all over Africa and beyond.

Hosted by the Cameroon Youth Agro-pastoral Entrepreneurship Programme (PEA Jeunes), the Summit aims at facilitating a global dialogue and knowledge share with youth and Public-Private sector entities that will contribute to promote youth entrepreneurship, reduce rural poverty, improve food security and nutrition. The meeting will open spaces for youth to unleash the potential of the farm and off-farm business opportunities, that promote decent work and is environmentally friendly. It will do so by:

i)    Strengthening the youth inclusion and participation in rural development programs, and policies in West and Central Africa;

ii)    Identifying viable opportunities and innovative solutions that promote rural youth’s leadership role and develop entrepreneurship skills;

iii)    Reinforcing a regional and global network which aggregates young agro-pastoral entrepreneurs and magnifies the impact of their activities.

The organizers invite young entrepreneurs, government officials, practitioners, private companies, civil society, academia and the aid organizations to join the Summit 2019!

The Summit is an open space for the different stakeholders to exchange and share knowledge with outstanding young entrepreneurs and advocates, engage informal and formal private sector, including SME’s, hear international experts, ,discuss innovative tools for solving the real problems together, map the roads for the scale up from local solutions to policies, and boost inclusive networks and coordinate actions. The Summit will focus on six priority areas:

1. Strengthen rural youth´s networks, voice and decision-making power within their communities, famers organizations and local governments.

2. Promote public policies for youth entrepreneurship and jobs creation.

3. Make education and vocational training fit rural youth’s employment opportunities for farm and non-farm economic activities: self-employment and employment.

4. Diversify financial products and services and make them available to rural youth in order to develop enterprises and improve their livelihood.

5. Build local solutions to improve the access to assets, especially land access and tenure, from one generation to the next, community and government arrangements and market mechanisms.

6. Boost agribusiness activities through new Information and Communication Technologies services managed by rural youth.


I. Global Event. The first half of the Summit gives access to up to date information and knowledge from top researchers, decision makers and young champions’ experience. It will include conferences, panels and a share fair.

II. Learning by doing. The second half of the Summit unleashes innovation and weaves connections among practitioners. Through a study tour, peer training and action planning the practitioners will acquire new ideas and practical tools for the economical, social, cultural and political empowerment of rural youth.


Young entrepreneurs, public and private organizations and development projects interested in joining the Summit must contact the organizers before January 28, 2019.

Conditions to participate:

All individuals and delegations joining the Summit must:

I.    Be a young rural entrepreneurs or advocate for rural youth, or

II.    Be working in favor of the rural youth in the government, the private sector, academia or civil society.

III.    Be able to pay for their own travels and accommodation (including flights, bus, meals, insurance and visas, and any other expenses not included in the program).

During the Summit, lunch and tea breaks will be provided. Learning materials, participation certificates and the study tour are free of charge. Please note that simultaneous interpretation in French, Spanish and English will be available.


1. APPLY. Submit your application in Eventbrite before January 28, 2019. Alternatively, download the form and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2. CONTACT. Schedule an appointment with us to check the viability of your participation in the Summit.

3. GO. If your application is approved the team will help you to get ready for Cameroon.


A limited scholarship fund for IFAD supported projects and rural youth led enterprises, networks and women, indigenous people and farmers organizations is made available. You can make this fund grow through a small voluntary contribution.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further assistance.

Early application is strongly encouraged! We are happy to help!